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Dear Family,

Please allow me to introduce myself ! My name is Koyun Chang Nicolai, 31 years old female and currently living in Belgium. I hold the citizenship of both Australia and Taiwan (dual nationality). Taiwan is my home country and I immigrated to Australia when I was 25 years old. I completed my master's degee in Australia and worked for an international company as a Marketing assistant before coming to Belgium. 

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My husband and I decided to move back to belgium after we got married. He is a Belgian and we truly hope to build up our family here. Also, I am intersted in learning the culture, history and language. There is no doubt, working as an Au Pair or babysitter would be my best choice to experience and understand European culture and lifestyle. My majors were Mass communication (bachelor's degree) and Business & Marketing (master's degree). I have strong commication skills and speak fluent Chinese and English (still working on my French now). 

I used to work as a childcare teacher and English tutor for a year in Taiwan. I love kids and enjoy spending time with them. In addition, I have Belgian driving license and First Aid certification.

Thank you for your patience! I am always willing to provide more information if necessary. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Koyun C. Nicolai

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